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17 October 2014

Dear friend,

Today I sat, once again, and waited for my son to finish his physio therapy. I spent the time flicking through a magazine but not really reading. It was simply a mask for my thoughts. Perhaps I should be glad of this time, a much needed spare moment to myself. In the past I have been. But today I felt myself wishing that I could be anywhere else in the world.

During my day dream I was watching him play football, at swimming club, at street dance or at band practice. For most children of this age their world is just beginning to open up and new social horizons are being explored. I would love for my child to experience their world; somewhere he does not feel confusion, anxiety, uncertainty and simply 'unsafe '.

Instead I bring him here in an attempt to help him understand his "busy body" then I take him home and allow him to play for too long on his computer.

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Morgan Prince said...

Oh hun I feel for you. It's okay to dream sometimes but know that you are the best mum you can be. I can't begin to understand what it's like for you day-to-day but know that if you need it you have the love and support of your blogging friends. xxx

An imperfect mum said...

Thanks Morgan I wrote this a long time before I posted it. It is amazing how my thoughts have developed since then and how much my son has taught me. I appreciate the support.

Miss Steph said...

It's so hard when our reality doesn't measure up to our dreams. You're doing exactly right for your son by embracing the situation and providing him exactly what he needs. Best wishes for success in this activity and the chance to try some new ones soon!

An imperfect mum said...

Thanks Steph very wise words. Hope you'll drop by again.

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