Are we really helping our children?

17 October 2014

Dear friend,

I recently attempted to organise a play date for my son.

Mum 1: not Wednesday because I work, Thursday is swimming, Friday football so the only day we can really make it is Monday.

This conversation is not unique, I hear it everyday but add into this equation therapy then this really gets complicated. He is currently having speech therapy, occupational therapy and swimming lessons (2x per week).

After school another child asked him to play.
Me: yes but you have therapy later so...

Him: my stupid busy body I wish I didn't have autism.

Half of me wanted to cry because he is right and sometimes, I must admit, I wish it too. Whilst another part of me wanted to celebrate this breakthrough moment. Finally, a realisation that he is not at fault or stupid, it is his autism that makes things harder for him.

We have set in place all this therapy to help make his life easier but is the long term goal worth the short term loss. 

Are we juggling too many balls?

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