What is your system rewarding?

17 October 2014

Dear friend,

Today was a good day. He got a sticker from his teacher.

I smiled to myself as he came out of school with one glove hanging off. I wrongly assumed he couldn't put it on. (Why do I always think the worse?) With a huge smile he thrust his hand in my face. I got a sticker for being still.

It's a system and I understand it, I've used it myself in the past with restless classes. The children are placed in groups and rewarded with stickers and points for being ready 1st, sitting still, being "good".

He had attempted to tell me about this system so it had obviously had a great effect. Any questions about school are usually met with an ok and a look that says everything. "Eh, I'm at home now, why on earth are you asking me about school?" (The school file is shut and locked away in his internal filing cabinet and he has no intention of opening it!)

A few days earlier the conversation had been different. I didn't get a sticker. I wasn't good. I aren't quick enough.

What is this system rewarding? Good behavior, listening skills, effort?

Is it fair?

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