Is my child invisible?

17 October 2014

Dear friend,

We had another appointment today. Before we left home he asked, where are we going mama? It is becoming increasingly hard to answer.

We sat and discussed him as he fidgeted in his chair, sucked his thumb or looked through his fingers. Most people assume he is not listening but of course he hears everything.

"How is he doing at school?" Dr S asked.

"I love it!" he replied.

I don't understand why professionals arrange appointments with children in attendance when they are not needed. Would you like to listen to people talking about you as though you weren't there?

I tried to explain. "This is the Dr for your busy body, mummy and daddy understand that you're very clever at some things like reading and drawing but that some things are difficult for you like buttons, laces so we try to get you help."

I spend my evening worrying about how this has affected my angst ridden boy. I know I overcompensate ( a visit to the toy shop after each appointment) this is getting expensive!

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