Now you are 6!

27 February 2015

Dear Son,

Today you turn 6. My baby is 6 years old. Every day I am thankful that we have you. You are my funny, loving, cheeky, sweet, amazing boy. My favorite moments of the day are when you squeeze your body so close to mine it feels almost like we are one person. I adore our closeness. You understand that sometimes I need to feel our connection. Your sweet whisper of; "I love you more," is the best sound in the world. I want to thank you for lighting up our life, making it fun, exciting, better!

I am so proud of you that I could burst! You are an amazing brother, the love and understanding that you show is unbelievable for your age. You seem to have a sixth sense. You know when to walk away and when to give support; "Bro that happens because of your autism". You have an old soul, as grandma says; "I'm sure he's been here before!" Big lad could not have a better brother. I hope your relationship continues to grow!

I have read the articles, discussing the problems facing siblings of autistic children and want you to know;
  • It is ok if you sometimes feel embarrassed about your brother's behavior but never be afraid to bring friends home, not everyone will get it and that is their problem. You will discover who your real friends are! 
  • I will try and give you space when you need it. I understand that sometimes you may prefer to play at friends. (I'll tell you a secret, sometimes I need space too.) 
  • I will always try and give you 'our time'. There will be times when your brother demands attention but be sure your turn is coming and I am always thinking about you too! 
  • You are important and your problems are just as important as your brothers. Know that you can tell me anything! 
  • Your brother is not your responsibility. You have your own life to lead. 
  • You are not expected to make up for your brothers problems by being the best. Just be yourself! 
  • I will make mistakes! But I will always love you!
I will always be here for you.
We know your brother has special needs but my darling you are special too!
Never be afraid to talk to us about your feelings or worries.
I know you will have some problems, everyone does but I hope that you will be lucky in life.
Continue to find fun in everyday things and you will be.
Just be you!

I love you to the moon and back!!!

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