Our nana

2 April 2015

Dear friend,

When I learned that my nana was dying lots of memories started to tumble into my head and I started to write them down as I didn't want to forget anything. Then I read an excellent blog post by Hands free mama, The life of the party is closer than you think. It inspired me to write this eulogy for my beautiful, spirited Nana. Although this is deeply personal I have chosen to share it as I wanted you all to know what an amazing woman she was.
I was honoured to read this at her funeral.

Our nana. 

Glamour personified:  
never without your Jewellery, rouge or lipstick. 
A cloud of perfume. 
Kisses that smelled of pressed powder. 
And left a lasting lipstick mark. 
Hugs that enveloped you in their warmth and safety. 

You were the party... 

Sleep overs.  
Toffee making.  
Licking the bowl. 
Playing frustration. 
Watching the sullivans on TV. 
Flannels and Palmolive soap.
Tucked up tight in cotton sheets, clocks ticking loudly. 
Nana's magic bag: full of favourite things... 

You were the party... 

Queenie queenie who's got the ball. 
The colour green. 
The smell of fadgies. 
French fancies & battenburg cake.  
Never missing the icecream van. 
Feeding the dog grandad's chop and choc ices.  
Beer mats in shoe boxes and rubber collections kept in a biscuit tin. 

You were the party... 

Jumping on the bus. 
Trips to doggy market and Redcar. 
The club trip to Scarborough or Whitby.  
A plastic bag full of 2ps. 
Tea dances. 
Going down the club.  
Cigarettes kept in a floral purse.  
Housey books and dabber pens. 
Always sweating for one number. 
A pint with a half glass. 

You were the party... 

Late night telephone calls. 
Family Parties. 
Sing a longs. 
Hand written Letters with 5 pound notes hidden inside.  
An open Catherine Cookson novel.
Sunday mornings: Music playing loudly as you cooked the dinner.

You were the party... 

Popping in for a cuppa. 
"I'm in here cock!" 
Heating set to tropical. 
Tv volume on deafening. 
Videos for 50p. 
Family photos everywhere! 
Never forgetting the kids Pocket money.
Purses hid under the unit you had to get out with the fire fork! 
Offering everyone a glass of 'something' at 11.00. 

You were the party... 

What you lacked in stature  
You more than made up for in personality.  
Your energy and vitality shone. 
You taught all of us to live life to the full,
And enjoy every single minute.  

Always a twinkle in your eye!   

You were the party! 

Thank you, nana! 
Thank you for the fun and for the never ending love...

Forever in our hearts,
Catie, Gert & boys x

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