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31 May 2015

Photo story: Weekend way of life #1

25 May 2015

Dear Friend,

It's bank holiday weekend and it has been jam packed with fun for us; lunch at our favourite fish restaurant in Katwijk, (Fish restaurant Schuitemaker) a spot of shopping, a day out at a fun park, gourmet in the garden, a beach walk and a birthday party. Plus the added excitement of Boro in the playoffs final at Wembley (but lets not dwell on that). Another entertaining weekend.  

Hubby took us for a family lunch to the fish restaurant in Katwijk.

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24 May 2015

Photo story: May Holiday

19 May 2015

Dear friend,

The second week of our May holiday has been filled with peace, quiet, fun and surprises. The positive side of being incapacitated (my arm is taking forever to heal) is that I have spent quality time with my boys. The weather has been mostly good and we have all sat and eaten together in the garden and enjoyed the beautiful Spring flowers and sunshine.

In Katwijk at the Krijn Verdoes they sell the best icecream ever. It is dangerously good, with so many delicious flavours like, marzipan, cookie, strawberry cheesecake, caramel waffle. It is impossible to resist. We have been there twice this week. I'm never going to lose weight for my holidays!

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17 May 2015


Most inspirational personal Autism Blog of 2015

14 May 2015

Dear friend,

Wow, I am absolutely delighted, amazed and astounded to have been voted one of the most inspirational Autism Blogs of 2015. Especially when my little blog is so new.

I am so honoured that anyone actually wants to read my musings and that so many people have responded positively. I am eternally grateful for all of your support. I can't believe that I am placed amongst, some of the most amazing autism bloggers.

I started this blog as my own form of therapy. A way to try and figure out life's little difficulties and challenges. But it has grown from that original purpose and has also become my own, small way, of raising acceptance of difference. The thing is, the more I write, the more I realise that it is my son who is teaching me.

Thank you for reading!

Photo story: Celebrating Mother's Day

11 May 2015

Dear friend,

This week has been challenging. A messy house, pain and bored kids to entertain. My injured arm meant I had to have total rest and the kids were on holiday. I'd been dealing with a lot of mummy guilt! Mother's Day was the tonic I needed and when given the choice; it's your day we can do what you want! I was tempted to make a run for it. Perhaps a nice spa, secluded beach or wine bar, one can dream. But no, I chose a family day out...

The day began with English breakfast in bed. The perfect start.

The boys made me some beautiful presents at school.

We went to Groenendaal.

It was like walking into a fairy tale, the toadstool was so cute (it's actually a toilet).

It was a beautiful day for all the family to walk in the woods.

The boys loved the children's farm.  

The playground was great! Lots to do and the kids were fenced in so it was safe.

Boys will be boys. Sun and water, always a great combination. 

Feeling like a giant on papa's shoulders.

The day ended with dinner and drinks at Oma's house. 

A beautiful day and fun for all. Just what the Dr ordered.

Photo of the week

10 May 2015

A glimpse into the future.

Photo story: Bevrijdingsdag/Liberation day

5 May 2015

Dear friend,

Today is a national holiday. On May the 5th Dutch people celebrate the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany. It is called Liberation day. This year is special as it is the 70th anniversary.

Photo of the week

3 May 2015


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