Photo story: Weekend way of life #2

1 June 2015

Dear friend,

This has been just the type of weekend that I love. One that encapsulates our normal family life. Spending quality time together, just enjoying the company and the peace that comes with not having to do anything. Pure bliss! 

Every time we get in the car at the moment the little man wants to drive because he wants to be a racing driver when he grows up. I love his cheeky face, grinning from ear to ear. It amazes me how kids can find such happiness in the smallest things.

The big lad and Papa made brownies on Saturday afternoon.
They melted in your mouth and were totally delicious, served warm with ice-cream and fresh strawberries. 

I love Sunday morning snuggles. The little man decided that a few cuddly toys should join us. He woke at 5a.m. with a nightmare and came into our bed. There is something special about those early morning moments where you aren't quite awake and the world is quiet and still. In my dream state I didn't quite expect the total length of his body so I guess this tells me that in my subconscious I still see him as a toddler. That is why these moments remain so special to me, I never know when it will be the last time he will want to hold my hand on the way to school, have his face painted or snuggle up in a bed full of teddies. I love being a mum!

I think that I enjoy playing with Furby more than the boys!
I wish I'd had one of these when I was younger. Toys are amazing today.  

Lunch and games at Oma and Opa's house. I always have a box of board games there as they keep the boys occupied and Opa loves board games. On one of my first visits to Holland I remember Opa leading the family games at the dining table, he's a stickler for all the rules. It showed me that despite the cultural and language differences, all close families are the same underneath. It gave me such a warm feeling and I knew I would be happy in this family.

The boys saved their pocket money and together bought the new nintendo game Splatoon, a super fun paintballing adventure game. We were dragged out of bed to play on Sunday morning and all sat playing in ur PJs until late. Great fun!

More really special times on Sunday afternoon,
as the big lad and Papa became my personal pasta chefs
whilst little man slept (mouth open wide) on my knee. 
Relaxing with a Sunday afternoon film: The Avengers.
I can't quite believe how grown up he is now.
Today we measured our feet together. He'll soon be bigger than me.

I love us being together enjoying the little things. These really are the moments that life is made of. 

I hope your weekend was filled with peace, fun and happiness too!

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