Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

8 July 2015

Dear friends,

I was really happy to be nominated by the lovely Cuddle Fairy for the Love/Hate Blogger challenge. I am thrilled to be invited to take part in such a fun post. Here goes!

10 things I love:

1. The smell of my boys' freshly washed hair.
2. Opening a new handbag up and filling it with my things.
3. Looking at old family photographs.

Nana at the beach with my mum and uncle David.

4. The company of my best friends, chatting over nibbles and a large bottle of vino.
5. A great book, one that engages your emotions and you can't stop thinking about for days or weeks.
6. Singing out loud to Adele in the car.
7. Stroopwafel icecream.
8. Family days out.
9. My dog.
10. Sunset at the beach.

10 things I hate:

1. Being judged instead of supported.
2. Finding an empty toilet roll tube.
3. Feeling powerless: against injustice , prejudice, lack of acceptance of difference.
4. Not feeling valued.
5. Confrontation/Losing my temper.
6. Vomit; my own (it makes me cry) my kids, anyone's.
7. Negative thinking. 
8. Lies. I am always honest (sometimes too honest).
9. Spiders, just no!!! 
10. Anyone or anything that hurts the people I love!

I didn't find one group easier than the other so hopefully that makes me quite a balanced person?! 
I found it interesting that my hates are mostly feelings rather than things.
I would like to nominate @SuperBusyMum@MrsMumsie and @East_Devon_Mum.

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