Making memories: Family sleepovers

8 August 2015

Dear friend,

The boys regularly have sleep overs together on the weekends but more recently they have been asking to sleep in my bed. Now my bed is big but not big enough for four! When
Hubby announced that he was going for a boys day out with our neighbours we grabbed the opportunity. Family sleepover, yes!!!

It got me reminiscing about my amazing nana Dotty. That lady was the best at sleep overs. Staying at Nana's house was always exciting, fun and lovely all rolled into one. It usually involved some form of baking, TV, games and lots and lots of our favourite foods. Nana was in the business of making happy memories and I wanted to do that for my kids too!

Nana Dot with my brother and I in my parents garden.

After dinner the boys and I played on the Wii; Splatoon and Nintendo land. Next PJs on and picnic ready (nana would have been proud) we all got into mummy's bed and watched the SpongeBob movie. The boys enjoyed it immensely and laughed along. The big lad made us choose our favourite characters (has to be Patrick).We shared snacks, drinks and cuddles.

At lights out it was too dark for the little man so I had to grab his Minion night light and dream light. There's something quite therapeutic about the patterns the dream light throws onto the ceiling. They really should make an adult version (although I'm sure it would drive hubby mad he likes it dark as coal).

The boys soon settled down to sleep, little man in the middle surrounded by his cuddly toys, even the dog joined us but wisely laid on the rug. I laid for ages watching them dropping happily off to sleep. I was magically transported back to the baby days, days when I lost count of the number of times I nursed them to sleep.

I had forgotten the feeling of those first moments those special times bonding with your child; really looking at them, counting their eyelashes, marvelling at the fullness of their cheeks and the sparkle in their eyes. Looking at my boys last night it felt like I was seeing them properly for he first time in ages.
Bathed in soft light and surrounded by love it was a magical moment! 

A special family time and I hope happy memories for my kids! 

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