Weekly Roundup #2

7 September 2015

Dear Friend,

It's roundup time, a post where I share with you some of the highlights of our week.

As we are back to work, school, swimming lessons etc we have less time together so we have to squeeze in the fun where we can!

Wednesday I arrived home from work to a house full of kids and grandparents. After a hectic and early dinner I rushed The little man to swimming lessons. This week was an open lesson so parents were allowed to watch. He is definitely making improvements!

I love Thursdays as I get to take my boys to school. I am so thankful that I can work part-time. The little man was excited to show me the new words he has been learning in class. Hubby is also early home on a Thursday so it means we get the afternoon together without boys. We went to Leiden to get some new clothes for the big lad. He really doesn't like shopping so it is easier to go alone. It was good fun the two of us squashed up together on the scooter.

I absolutely adore spending one on one time with the little man on Friday afternoons. We have time to snuggle on the sofa, watch younger programs on TV and play games. Friday was also hugely exciting as I was finalising my new blog header design with the lovely Ellie illustrates. You can read all about it here. I am so happy with how beautiful it has turned out and can't stop looking at my little blog. Is it really mine?

On Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Noordwijk. There was a special mode show organised and a large red carpet was laid up the street to be used as a cat walk. We couldn't resist walking down it! The little man loved the minion cake in the royal chocolate makers and the painted cow.

Our Sunday morning walk took us to Katwijk. It was quite windy so a great day for the kite surfers but we didn't stay too long as it was a bit cold and we weren't really suitably dressed. (Bad mummy moment!)
On Sunday afternoon we went to the cinema to watch Pixels. My gamer kids found it fantastic! 

Fingers crossed but our room swap appears to have been a success. Both boys are settled and happy and we haven't had any problems. SShhhh! Don't say it too loudly!

I hope that you had a special week too!

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