Weekly Roundup #3

14 September 2015

Dear Friend,

Every Monday I share with you what my family and I have been up to in a post I call my weekly roundup. I can't believe it is Monday already, the first 3 weeks of the school year has flashed by at lightning speed.
is proudly displayed 
on our line at home. This week saw us attending a parent's information evening for the little man. I always find it really strange sitting on the other side of the fence. It is funny to see all the parents perched on their children's tiny chairs like naughty kids. We have noticed a big change in the little man and he is already starting to read, in a cafe on Saturday he read out the names of all the snacks displayed on posters on the wall.

The little man also started football training this week. We took a shopping trip to Katwijk mid-week to buy him some new boots socks and shin pads and ended up having dinner at our favourite fish restaurant, quite a treat!

Previously little man has shown little interest in football but most of the boys in his class are on the team so I think that has sparked his interest. He certainly looked the part in his Ajax strip.

Pictures: Boys at the restaurant, the little man's new boot's and testing his strip out.
I started a new self study course this week to try and improve my Dutch.

The little man's first Saturday morning football tournament: The team won 1 from their 3 matches.
On Saturday, we had forgotten that it was open monument day; a national heritage day when you can go and visit any Monument for free, even ones that are not normally open to the public. We took the opportunity to climb the clock tower of the church opposite our house. I am rather ashamed to say that it has taken me 10 years to do this. The view at the top was amazing and well worth the climb!

I was really proud of both boys. The stairs are steep and very narrow, it was a bit scary in places but they were great! Our big lad has come so far. He wouldn't have even attempted this 2 years ago!

On Sunday we cycled into Leiden and visited some of the stops on their Heritage tour. We saw 12th century walls and water bottles, windmills from the 18th century, an old Weaver's cottage and a butchers that became a famous cafe. What did the boys love most? The old toilet!

The old weighing house has recently been converted into a trendy cafe called Waag. It is a beautiful place to have lunch.

The little man's 1st writing 

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