Weekly Roundup #4

21 September 2015

Dear Friend,

Another week has flown by and here we are again. It is time for a look back on what my family have been up to in the weekly roundup.

This was a short working week as I was free on Tuesday. Tuesday was Prinsjesdag, the opening of parliament by the King and as there is a royal procession through the Haag the schools are closed. We live outside of the Haag so the boys still had school and I got a free day. I would like to say I went to a spa or did lunch with a friend but no. I spent the day ironing and writing. Still it was nice to have a bit of me time.

Little man taking Nova for a walk.
The boys playing guess who.
Little man and I playing guess who.
Big lad and Nova always together.
 Snuggled up together playing on the Nintendo DS (keeping quiet so mama gets a lie in).

Chocolate browny covered in pink frosting and disco dip. 

Football training.

My Favourite moments this week were:
  • Playing guess who with my little man. Every free minute we've had he has wanted to play and is almost impossible to beat. Unbelievably, several times we have picked the same character.
  • Watching the little man at football practice. He is starting to get the hang of it now and this week learned to dribble. 
  • Seeing the boys snuggled up together in bed. 
  • Going to a friends house warming party and having a guided tour of their beautiful new home.
  • Watching/listening to the little man beginning to read. Magical times. 
  • Watching the big lad and hubby doing homework together. 
  • Big lad getting a 10 in his geography test.
  • Catching up with an ex colleague and putting the world to rights.
  • Meeting our friends gorgeous, new baby.


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