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20 October 2015

Dear friend,

I was invited to take part in the Love to read linky by the fabulous Angela over at Days in Bed. I was thrilled to be invited as this is right up my street. As a Primary School teacher I recognise the value and importance  of reading with your children. Reading and understanding language is central to learning.

We have a house full of children's books. This is especially important to me as my kids are growing up bilingual. Every trip back to the UK I buy more books and I am lucky to be able to borrow from my school library too. Hubby is not such a book worm so we make up for our lack of Dutch language books with trips to the library which luckily is at the end of our street.

My big lad has aways been a reader. He would sit for ages on my knee or next to me when I was breast feeding the little man and bring me story after story to read. He was ready to read at an early age and picked up some flashcards I was making for work and asked what are these? Big lad's autism means he has a brilliant visual memory and he knew the words really quickly and then reading began. The Big lad learned how to read in English before he could read in dutch and just transferred his skills over.

My little man has never been that interested in reading. We have always read to him but he rarely asked for a book himself, preferring to play. I have never pushed him to read but books have always been available! This year he started in group 3, he was very nervous at the beginning as this is the year that you learn to read (in dutch schools). He kept saying but mum I can't read.  Over the last half term he has transformed. Little man wants to read, he joins in with the stories and is much more confident and enthusiastic. Each day he tells me the new word he has learned. It is a very special time!

Kids Love To Read |
Angela and Laura (Laura's lovely blog) with their Love to read linky, have inspired me to start a new monthly feature: 

Book of the month

This month's book was chosen by the little man. It is his current favourite: 

The Little Rabbit Who Liked To Say MOO by Jonathan Allen. 

Jonathan Allen Is well known for his book about a little Owl's adventure called, 'I'm not cute' and its follow up, 'I'm not scared'. Jonathan's writing is witty and has a child like quality with a brilliant sense of fun.

The Little Rabbit who liked to say moo is a farmyard romp which allows children to join in with the 
animal noises you hear on the farm but it has a twist in its tale.

The story follows a little rabbit who has fun exploring all the noises that the different animals on the farm make. Little Rabbit meets lots of his friends along the way, giving children plenty of opportunity to join in, predict who the rabbit may meet next or just laugh at the craziness of it all, like sheep and cows that say Oink.

The ending of the book is both unexpected and brilliant! I absolutely loved it, I believe it is giving our children the positive message that it is ok to think differently and that thinking outside of the box can be even more fun.

We have read; 'The Little Rabbit who liked to say MOO' hundreds of times now and never grow tired of it! It will quickly become a family favourite in any home. It would also make a brilliant class book for a reception teacher, I can just picture the amazing display.

Our rating: 8/10

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