Family Fun: Simple Halloween Crafts

23 October 2015

Dear friend,

Halloween is almost upon us. I have always loved Halloween and in Holland it is becoming more popular but it certainly isn't celebrated to the same extent as in the UK. In the last 10 years I have only once had any children knock on our door dressed in costumes and last year was a monumental failure (read about it here). 

This year I am determined to make it a success. I want to pass on some of my British culture to my boys and for them to have special memories of Halloween too.

The preparation started this week. It is half term and what better way to spend some time than on Halloween crafts? I have been trawling Pinterest for interesting and simple ideas (you can see my Halloween board here) and found a few things that I wanted us to try.

Simple Halloween Crafts

Paper plate spiders

Little man got busy painting the paper plates and I printed out some large eyes and cut the thick card to make legs.

 Masking tape mummies and paper plate ghosts

We used some of the left over paper plates and eyes to make some ghosts. These were so simple. I just stapled the plates together with the tissue between and then we roughly cut up the tissue paper with scissors, the messier the better!
Next I made a template of a gingerbread man to draw around and we cut out lots of them on white card. We covered them with masking tape torn roughly into small pieces and stuck on randomly (again the messier the better). We stuck on eyes and drew a scary mouth to make crazy mummies.

We hung the ghosts up using cotton so it looks like they are floating.
We pinned the spiders on our art line to dry. We are going to make large spider webs from black plastic sacks later.
I used a hole punch to make holes in the mummies hands and joined them together with spilt pins to make a mummy garland.

Pumpkin caterpillars

I found a simple but effective Pumpkin craft idea on Pinterest and thought we'd give it a try. We needed 5 small pumpkins and used kebab sticks cut to size to join them together. This was trickier than I thought as the skin on  the small pumpkins was very hard and I ended up having to make holes in them with a thin metal screwdriver. (I would recommend using a gimlet if you have one, we didn't.) The boys stuck on the eyes and drew a mouth using marker pen. They look fantastic sitting on our windowsill!

The little man was very proud of his work and couldn't wait to show Oma when she popped in and he scared grandma with one of his spiders on Skype. It is great to see the big lad becoming more involved too. All of these were really simple but very effective ideas that anyone can make. Now we just have to wait for Halloween.

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