Why writing a blog is like having a child

17 October 2015

Dear friend,

It is my bloggiversary. I have officially been blogging for one whole year. Yippee! I made it past the "most blogs fail in 3 months" statistic. I am proud to have made it this far and amazed at how much I have learned but well aware that there is much more to explore and learn too. Blogging has been so much more than I imagined.  In many ways blogging is like raising a child...

10 ways blogging is like having a child:

1. They need feeding good stuff
My blogging obsession has grown and after beginning with posting once a week this has risen to five times a week with regular features around our family fun, my love of photography and quotes. The more effort you put in the more you get out. Great content is key and my most popular pieces are those I have written with passion and from a personal perspective.

2. They change your social life
I have loved getting to know some amazingly supportive blogging chums and reading so many posts that I wish I had written. Blogging has encouraged me to get out and about and do more with my family. It has given me a voice.

3. You celebrate every achievement
My highlights have been appearing front page (twice) and as blog of the day (once) on mumsnet as well as being featured in plus40 bloggers. 

4. They need praise, rewards or special treats

I am really proud of the positive comments from people in the autism community and of being listed as one of the most inspiring personal  autism blogs of 2015

5. You want them to look good
I experimented with many blog headers until I found something that suited me.  I am really happy with my blog design by the amazing Ellie illustrates, she captured the essence of Diary of an imperfect mum. I feel it makes my blog more recognizable too.

6. Some days you're just knackered...

There have been some down points, crises of confidence. Unfortunately my linky Flashback Friday didn't really take off and I made a difficult decision to stop. There have been moments when I have been short of time, energy or inspiration to write too...but I have made it! 

7. There are sleepless nights 
Many nights I have got into bed to find a great idea has popped into my head and have grabbed my phone or iPad to quickly write it down but ended up writing into the early hours or got distracted by my Twitter feed before bed and then struggled to get to sleep.

8. Preparation is key
My packed changing bag has been replaced with my blogging kit; my phone/iPad mini and camera are always at hand just in case. Everything is a potential post. 

9. They need nurturing

I want my children to have the confidence to be themselves (Why fit in when you were born to stand out?) and as a blogger I have had to find the confidence to be honest, open and true to myself; to find my own voice.

10. You worry about their growth

I still get excited at new followers on Twitter, Facebook likes etc And I love reading comments, especially the ones that engage me. I am amazed to see people in Australia, America, Russia, India, Sweden, Canada, Slovenia etc reading my blog. People have read my words over 50,000 times. That is amazing! My top posts have been; "Why I hate birthday parties" and "Autism the invisible disability". I have written over 200 posts. My social media followers are growing steadily; over 700 on Twitter.  But as much as I enjoy seeing my stats grow, they are not what drive me. 

What drives me on is my passion to improve awareness and understanding of, the issues affecting children and families living with autism and my love of writing. I am so thankful that people have responded positively to my tales from the scenic route of parenting. Here's to a successful second year. 

Thank you to everyone for reading! Why not join me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram too? 

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