No Complaints Challenge

21 January 2016

Dear friend,

The lovely and incredibly positive Becky aka Cuddle Fairy invited me to take part in the 24 hours no complaints challenge. I consider myself a positive person too but know that I can be prone to self doubt and anxiety so I was willing to give this a try. I knew that this would be a difficult challenge for me at the moment, post surgery. Could my positive attitude have a favourable influence on my health?

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Here are the positive moments I found during my day

Blessing 1: I don't have to work at the moment so that means extra cuddles in the morning from my two boys. 
Blessing 2: I am so thankful for my hubby setting all the school things out the night before to make life easier for me.
Blessing 3: My boys are so caring and are really trying hard to help me, fetching things and helping me up.
Blessing 4: We live so close to school that I can stand on my doorstep and watch the boys walk there. 
Blessing 5: Having a supportive family. My father-in-law comes to walk the dog.
Blessing 6: I am grateful for a morning of peace. I can return to bed and rest. 
Blessing 7: I am feeling a bit stronger every day. Today I was able to make the boys lunch.
Blessing 8: Hubby arrived home early.
Blessing 9: Feeling strong enough to spend more time with the boys today.
Blessing 10: Having a big bed so we can all snuggle up and watch TV
Blessing 11: Listening to the big lad reading a bedtime story to his brother.
Blessing 12: Kissing my sons goodnight.

There were challenges. It wasn't the best day for Twitter to crash, I felt dizzy at lunch time, hubby had a moan about me being on the iPad too much and the little man eating poorly. But I kept focus and pushed the negative feelings out of my mind.

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By channeling my energy into a positive mindset it made me feel stronger and more in control. Instead of punishing myself with negative
thinking I was in effect becoming my own cheerleader.

This challenge has made me realise that I am great at encouraging others but really unforgiving with myself.

Did it improve my health?

Well tonight I am feeling more rested, more peaceful and I have less pain. 

Thanks Becky from Cuddle fairy and company for your positive encouragement and good energy throughout the day.   – Debbie from My random musings, Trista from Domesticated Momster and Michelle from Rockin’ Random Mom

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