Loud and Proud: the swim diploma

2 February 2016

Dear friend,

This week we have something to celebrate. The little man has got his swimming diploma. Living in Holland surrounded by water I wanted both of my boys to learn to swim, they had to be safe and importantly know what to do if they fell in water and in water wearing clothes. 

I took the little man to baby and toddler swimming lessons, he loved it from the beginning and never showed any fear, jumping into the water, ducking under and diving off things. In fact you had to keep your wits about you at all times. He started swim lessons with the same gusto and progressed quickly through the groups. But at one point he seemed to get stuck struggling with swimming under water and coordinating his back stroke. A big problem for the little man is focus as he just wants to chatter and play.

The teacher told us he was almost ready for his diploma but that he may need some extra sessions so papa got busy taking him along to the local pool on Sunday mornings the last couple of months. Last week was the practice swimming and he did really well so the teacher put him in for his diploma. 

The whole family went along to cheer him on. Big brother, Oma and Opa watched from the gallery whilst papa and I stayed pool side. 

There were some initial nerves.

He soon got into the swing of it. 
Starting swimming a length in clothes.

We were impressed with his concentration, although he did talk most of the way across.

Time for a break.

The last activity, a jump in for treading water.

Yes they did it.

Hurray swim diploma A.

That deserved a trip to the toy shop! 

But he's not finished, no he wants to go on and get diploma b. 
I am really proud of my little fish. Well done, you didn't give up, you kept on trying and did your best and you did it! 

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