Family Fun Linky #10

31 March 2016

Welcome to Family Fun a brand new linky! The linky runs from Thursday to Saturday and all bloggers are welcome to add any type of parenting post.

Join me in a community of bloggers. Link up and share family experiences, successes and failures, laughter and tears and offer support to one another. 

Why not share your Parenting Posts, Craft ideas, recipes, days out, photo stories, weekly roundups etc with friends?

All posts welcome!

Welcome back friends. I can't quite believe that #FamilyFun has been running for 10 whole weeks now. When does it stop being a new linky and just become a linky I wonder??? Last week was our best one yet with an amazing 43 posts linked up. I must admit I did a little celebration dance and embarrassed my kids at that point. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has contributed to making this linky a success. Don't forget to tell your friends to join in! 

I have to pick a favourite and I always find this hard but this week was especially difficult as they were a few that I really loved!!! I do try and tell you that on twitter too. But the post that really stuck with me for it's originality and humour came from 52 Pauses: Attempts at mindfulness (with a toddler, and some chocolate). 

Please pop over and take a read. I have tried mindfulness (I once downloaded an app). I failed miserably as I just got stressed at not having time to stop when the app buzzed me so I send you a virtual high five and feel free to grab my I was post of the week badge.

Diary of an Imperfect Mum: Family Fun Linky

This week I have 3 Host posts again but one is a showcase with the brilliant Lisa aka mrssavageangel as she took part in my Parenting from a Special Perspective series. The second is Advice for parents of Sleepwalkers and the final post is my battle over the A word, a post where I explore how watching the first episode of the A word made me revisit our own battle with labelling our son as Autistic.

Diary of an imperfect mum

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