Book Corner: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Tale of the Wizard'sWhisper

18 April 2016

My book corner choice this month is: Sir Charlie Sticky Socks and the Tale of the Wizard's Whisper by Kristina Stephenson.

The Tale of the Wizard's Whisper is a legendary tale of Knights, castles, Wizards and monsters. Sir Charlie is a truly brave knight who along with his faithful cat envelope and good. grey mare goes looking for a new adventure. The adventure involves them going on a quest to find the wizard's whisper.  Along the way he encounters a treacherous track, a frightful ogre, worrying signs, a spooky-wooly wood and ends up in a deep, dark cave with an old crone.

I love the way this book is laid out with changes in direction, panels to open to uncover the next part of the story and a huge double sided door that reveals a surprise ending. There is lots to explore and keep your child engaged along the way.
The author uses ellipses throughout to keep you guessing and turning those pages and the use of language is stunning in places with phrases like; A scurry of scaly wags had been lying in wait to ambush the legendary knight. The illustrations by Kristina Stephenson are truly beautiful and magical, there is so much to spot on every page. 

The story has a charming ending and leaves the path open for further big adventures. In fact this book is one of a series of adventures to collect. We have already invested in some of the others because we were so impressed with this story and they are just as good. 

The books retail at £6.99 although I bought this version for cheaper in Tescos. There is also an app available although we haven't tried it yet!  For more information take a look at the Sir Charlie Stinky Socks website

I would recommend this story for children 6 years or older as it is a longer tale with some very expressive language. It is perfect for my little man although the big lad (aged 9) really enjoyed it too. 

Our rating: 10!

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