Gamer zone: Top ten favourite games

6 April 2016

Dear friend,

Welcome to a new section on Diary of an Imperfect Mum; Gamer Zone. Each month I will hand you over to my boys for them to tell us all about a game of their choice. (It is my idea to get them reading and writing in English more.)

For this months instalment of Gamer Zone we are going to take a look at the boys play room and then they will give you a run down of their favourite games.

The play room: We have a separate room for the computer. I wanted to keep it apart from the bedroom as the big lad has problems sleeping. 

We used picture rails to store the boys figures.

I adapted an old mobile by removing the baby figures and replacing them with Nintendo figures.

The figure collection just keeps growing! 

Big lad's top ten games countdown: 
10. Mario Kart 8
9. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
8. Nintendoland
7. Mario Party 10
6. Skylanders Superchargers
5. Splatoon
4. Disney Infinity 2.0
3. Lego Dimensions
2. Pokemon Tournament
1. Super Smash Bros

Little man's top ten games countdown:
10. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
9. Super Mario 3D world
8. Skylanders Superchargers
7. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
6. Disney Infinity 2.0
5. Lego Dimensions
4. Pokemon Tournament
3. Kirby's Adventure
2. Nintendo land
1. Yoshi's woolly world

My big lad will answer all comments made on this post. 

For more in the series see here.

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