Bedroom makeover - finishing touches

24 May 2016

Dear friend,

It's like musical bedrooms in our house. The boys often want to sleep together and my big lad has swapped rooms several times over the last few years. Having autism means that he sometimes struggles to get to sleep or that he is sensitive to noise so sleeping above the TV did not work at all (autism and  overcoming sleep problems). He also suffers from anxiety so being in the attic room didn't work either and he hated the sound of the rain on the roof.

The only solution was to put him in Little man's room, close to us. Little man has always been very accommodating to his brother's needs and relished the idea of moving up to the bigger room with more space for his toys and tent. But hubby and I did feel slightly mean and promised he could pick a new duvet and poster. His choice was Minions of course.

Little man settled happily into his new room but it was a real mismatch of ideas with formula 1 cars, Skylanders and minions all mixed together with a heavy blue colour and terracotta cupboard doors. It was time for a change!

Hubby got to work and spent the whole weekend painting. We went for white (white everything) to make it a light and bright space and ordered some fabulous wall stickers to continue the minion theme. We were really pleased with the finished result...

We love the little minion lights above the bed, it is so cosy on an evening during story time.

I found the wall stickers on amazon and the book shelf is Ikea Expedit (now Kallax) the boxes are really handy for toy storage too. The minion rug and duvet set came from Intertoys.

Fast forward a few months and there is still one thing that we haven't got round to changing yet! The blind...

Every night when I take Little Man to bed, I pull down the blind and I make a note to myself to burn replace it.  It is the same 1980's terracotta colour that previously matched the cupboard doors and is looking really tired. I think it's about time that I found a replacement...

I came across some great roofblinds from the company VELUX. I really loved the Disney and VELUX dream collection. Beautiful designs for kids and each one is unique as it is made specifically to fit your window. Maybe if we had gone for a disney duvet this could have worked but not with our Minions theme.

My preferred choice would be a Velux blackout blind especially as Little Man's room is south facing and gets a lot of sun. The Velux Blackout blind has a special heat blocking aluminium coating on the back to reflect the sun's heat. The Velux company had a great range of colours to choose from (36 in total) and we loved the light blue.

Little man loves his new room and has plenty of space to play when friends come around. We are really pleased with the outcome. Now just to buy that blind...

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