Book corner: The Story Machine

16 May 2016

Dear friend,

This months choice for the book corner is a very clever book I found in the school library. It is called The Story Machine and is written by Tom McLaughlin.

I love this book because it celebrates the pure joy of telling stories and for the purist in us it also champions the simple beauty and delight of using a typewriter.

The story centers on Elliot, a boy who loved to find things...

 In the story he discovers an old typewriter and can't find the on/off switch or discover how it works until one day he accidentally makes letters. Elliot decides that this must be a story machine. The problem is that Elliot isn't very good at letters and gets them jumbled up. But what he discovers is that he is very good at making pictures and that his pictures tell a story. He then gets carried away making wonderful pictures until the machine breaks. Elliot is sad until he makes another discovery...

I find this book really inspiring as it gives children the message that they shouldn't give up and that everyone has a talent, you just have to find it! I think it would be brilliant for any children with dyslexia due to the letter jumbling references too.

It is a fun story with amazing illustrations. I remember making pictures like this on my mums old typewriter but nothing as elaborate as these.

There isn't a huge amount of text in this book but the pictures give you plenty to talk about, which makes it a perfect bedtime read.

Our rating: 7/10

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