Gamer Zone #2: Super Smash Bros

2 May 2016

Dear friends,

How fast did that last month pass? It is time for another session of Gamer Zone so without further ado I'll hand you over to the big lad...

Welcome to this months Gamer Zone. I want to begin by telling you about my top ten Super Smash Bros characters and then I will give you my review of the excellent game Super Smash Bros. I hope you enjoy reading all about it!

My Top Ten Super Smash Bros Characters

10. Sonic: Super speed
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9. Pikachu: Strong moves
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8. Ryu: he has the most moves in Smash bros
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7. Mario: really good for beginners and when you master him you know all the moves
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6. Cloud: he has very strong fight moves and a big sword
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5. Rosalina and Luma: they make a good team
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4. Corrin: he has tricky moves that no-one can see coming
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3. Zero Suit Samus: she has terrifying combos
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2. Sheik: super fast moves
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1. Bayonetta: she has excellent combo moves and my favourite move Witch time
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Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is a game made by Nintendo. It is my favourite game to play on the WiiU. I go back and play this game again and again and again because it is like you are challenging yourself to get better and better and better to be the best player. I like to be able to play as lots of different characters too and finding their strengths.

What type of game is it? 

It is a fighting game.
You can also play it online against other people.
You can use amiibo's with the game.

What is the game about?

You have to fight against an opponent alone or as part of a team. The fight takes place on a stage and there are different stages to choose from like; Smashville, Battle field and Final destination.
My favourite stage is Smashville:

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There are different settings to use when playing:
Time: you have to Knock out the most characters to win.
Stock: you have to be the last character standing.
Coins: the player who collects the most coins wins.


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The game uses amiibos, these are character figures that you can use in your game. Wii U can read your amiibo and transform them into figure players that will join the battle with you or against you. The more you use amiibos in the fights the better they become. (In short - the figures come alive in the game and you play as them.)

Gameplay Videos

Gameplay Video 1: Smashville - Cloud V Kirby.

Gameplay Video 2: Mario Galaxy - Captain Falcon V Diddy Kong.

Gameplay Video 3: Final Destination - Sonic and Little Mac V Mewtwo and Ganondorf

Game rating = 10!

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again next month for Gamer zone #3.

Best wishes,

Big lad 

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All comments will be answered by the Big lad (age 9) with some help from mum. 

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