Help! I'm addicted to blogging...

10 May 2016

Dear friend,

I seem to have a serious problem. This problem has crept up on me quite gradually but it is starting to take over my daily life. Even my family have noticed and started to comment. Today is the day I need to hold up my hands and admit that I am an addict. I am addicted to blogging...

I feel shame and regret. But yes all the signs are there and can no longer go ignored.

Signs that I am addicted to blogging:

  • I check my twitter feed last thing at night and first thing in the morning
  • I go into a panic when I don't have wifi
  • My iphone/ipad is always at my side
  • Every conversation is blog fodder
  • My house work routine is sporadic - related to the post I'm working on
  • I have a detailed linky list
  • I take my camera everywhere
  • We even have a mummy photo pose
  • My kids make comments like - Mummy take my photo on the seal that will be good for your blog
  • I constantly have a blogging narrative in my head
  • When not blogging I am reading other people's blogs
  • My real life friends don't understand half the things I say: linkies, tribes, Klout, it's like I am talking another language
  • I have developed repetitive strain injury (not a joke my little finger was really painful until I realised it was how I was supporting my iPad)
  • I am devastated when 1 person unfollows me on twitter
  • I check my page views every hour
  • I join threads to improve my klout
  • I ignore my husband and kids
  • I have a laptop shaped indent on my thighs
  • My Facebook is full of bloggers and I ignore my personal page and only focus on my blog page
  • I mentally blog and then kick myself for forgetting the brilliant snippet I had created...
  • I wake in the middle of the night and go downstairs to write because I've remembered the idea I mentally blogged earlier
  • Blogging is not enough I now have twitter, FB, IG, Pinterest... Oh and what's this vlogging?
  • I needed extra storage for my laptop
  • I know more about my online friends lives than my real ones
  • When talking about my friends I qualify with 'my blogging friend'...
  • I get super excited at new comments and comment watch
  • I have even got my kids involved in blogging
  • My blog is my home page

Please tell me that I am not alone in this???

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