The benefits of a Staycation

17 May 2016

Dear friend,

I have just returned to work after 2 weeks holiday. My friends and colleagues have been away on exciting vacations or have visited family and friends in different countries. They look tanned and happy and regail me with tales of exciting things they have seen or done. Am I jealous? Hell no. 

After almost eleven years of living life as an EXPAT I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to spend every holiday travelling. I realised very quickly that I was returning to work after my 'holiday' feeling more exhausted. Travelling can be stressful, especially with young kids. I wanted to stay in my home, do nothing if I felt like it and have my things around me...

This holiday that is exactly what we have done and I feel marvellous!!!

The benefits of a Staycation...

Go at your own pace: it is bliss to wake up of your own accord without an alarm clock beeping at some ungodly hour of the morning. Eating breakfast in your PJs or just enjoying a whole PJ morning. I don't do this on holiday, I drag myself out of bed for breakfast because I worry about wasting my time...

Easy planning: it takes a lot of planning and preparation to take your family on holiday. I am one of those weird people who likes the house clean before I leave. Then there's the washing, ironing, packing and last minute shopping. Tickets to print (you can bet that the printer has run out and there's a last minute rush to get a new cartridge at 6 o'clock) passports to find, check-in online. All this while you are still at work. Staying at home means no planning needed, you can go with the flow...

You control the cost: you can do as little or as much as you feel like. If you want to keep it low key then go to the park, walk on the beach or play games together at home. Or splash out with a trip to the zoo or a theme park or go out to dinner. It's up to you! But there are no expensive hotels or flights to pay for so the costs are bound to be less. 

No time lost travelling: OK it doesn't take us long to travel to the UK from Holland but I still hate sitting around airports waiting for a flight and try to check in online and arrive as late as possible. When we do take the ferry it seems like such a waste to spend one whole night travelling across. That's a night we could have spent with family or friends. 

No travel stress: I am Mrs stress head when travelling with the boys; "Hold my hand. Walk next to me. Where is your bag? Where's the passport? Look how busy it is... " Not great as Big Lad also finds airports etc very stressful places. I try to keep my stress under control but honestly some people would try the patience of a saint and I have been known to get suitcase rage! Stay at home and there's none of that business. 

Relaxation and comfort: is there anything more comfy than your own bed, lounging on your sofa, sprawling out in your favourite baggy pants and T combi. Where else can you feel more at home than at home?

Catch up with people or activities: I have loved spending time catching up with friends this week, sitting sipping coffee in comfort without looking at the clock every 5 minutes to see if it's time to collect the kids. I have also been able to do some things that I'd put on the back burner, like sorting out my DVD collection and finishing a photo book.

Quality time with family: is there anything more important to do than spend time with your kids?

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