30 DAYS WILD Dutch Style: Week 1

8 June 2016

Dear friend,

I first read about 30 days live when 2 bloggers linked up posts to my linky #FamilyFun (now #ablogginggoodtime ) and thought, why haven't I heard of this? It sounded right up our street. We love getting out and about and exploring our local environment as a family. 

I was worried that we may not be able to join in because we are based in Holland but never one to be deterred I investigated further. The challenge is all about making time for nature in your life and having fun. Well we can do that here too! 

The Wildlife Trusts have come up with a brilliant idea to get families enjoying and connecting with nature but most of all spending time with family. I loved the idea of their random acts of wildness and immediately signed up and downloaded the app. And off we went...

Random Act of wildness 1: Tickle toes with the wild

Some 1-1 time with my big lad and off we headed with Nova to the local forest for a lovely walk and a special toe tickle.

Random Act of wildness 2: Explore the urban jungle

We took the dog for her evening walk and searched for signs of plants, flowers and moss growing between the pavements. We were surprised at what we found.

Random Act of wildness 3: Read a wild book

 We read the old Tree by Ruth Brown it is a brilliant tale about a group of animals that discover a cross on their tree and then have a mad panic to cover it up when they discover what it actually means. A super tale of conservation and also a story of pulling together to solve problems...

Random Act of wildness 4: Today, I chose to save a wild life 

I saved a slug from our paddling pool...

Random Act of wildness 5: Climb for a wild view

This was quite a challenge because we don't have too many hills in Holland. We do have a small climb up to a viewing point close by to our house and we made it to the top and snapped a photo looking across the fields. I do miss the mountain views in England.

At the end of our first week of the 30 day wild challenge. I am loving how this challenge has brought my big lad and I closer together. We have been chatting about wild things all week.  I am also impressed that we managed to complete so many Random Acts. They were a couple we missed out on e.g. on Sunday we wanted to dip our toes in wild water but due to time, family responsibilities, homework etc we didn't manage but we have added it to the list for next week so come back and take a look at what we get up to then...

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