30 Days Wild Dutch Style: Week 2

11 June 2016

Dear friend,

I first read about 30 days live when 2 bloggers linked up posts to my linky #FamilyFun (now #ablogginggoodtime ) and thought, why haven't I heard of this? It sounded right up our street. We love getting out and about and exploring our local environment as a family. 

I was worried that we may not be able to join in because we are based in Holland but never one to be deterred I investigated further. The challenge is all about making time for nature in your life and having fun. Well we can do that here too! 

The Wildlife Trusts have come up with a brilliant idea to get families enjoying and connecting with nature but most of all spending time with family. I loved the idea of their random acts of wildness and immediately signed up and downloaded the app. And off we went...

Random Act of wildness 6: Hug a tree

I'm not sure if hiding behind an old tree counts but the big lad is not a big hugger of people or trees! Loving our walks with the dog after school!

Random Act of wildness 7: Cook in the Sunshine

The weather has been gorgeous this week and we love eating outdoors. Last weekend hubby built us some decking and we have been busy making it cosy so we can enjoy the outdoors life all Summer long! 

Random Act of wildness 8: Dip toes in Wild Water

The little man just loves paddling in the sea. The North sea is very cold still, it hasn't had time to warm up but we joined him too. I love the delight in his face.

Random Act of wildness 9: Scale to great heights

Who can resist climbing a fabulous old tree?

Random Act of wildness 10: Find a creepy crawly

This was hard in our concrete jungle of a garden but we did spot woodlice, a spider and a centipede scurrying away when we lifted the door mat and plant pots. They were a bit fast for me to snap so this is a stock photo.

On the 30 Days Wild website they state:
"We don't want you to give anything up this June... We just want you to give yourself time in the wild: time for you, time with your family, time to reconnect with nature."
This is definitely what taking part in 30 Days wild has given us, quality time together as a family.

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Photography @My_Dutch_Angle

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