30 Days Wild Dutch Style: Week 4

25 June 2016

Dear friend,

I first read about 30 days live when 2 bloggers linked up posts to my linky #FamilyFun (now #ablogginggoodtime ) and thought, why haven't I heard of this? It sounded right up our street. We love getting out and about and exploring our local environment as a family. 

I was worried that we may not be able to join in because we are based in Holland but never one to be deterred I investigated further. The challenge is all about making time for nature in your life and having fun. Well we can do that here too! 

The Wildlife Trusts have come up with a brilliant idea to get families enjoying and connecting with nature but most of all spending time with family. I loved the idea of their random acts of wildness and immediately signed up and downloaded the app. And off we went...

30 Days Wild Dutch Style: Week 4

Random Act of wildness 13: Pen a Wild Poem

30 days wild acrostic poem.

3-0 days to explore nature together,
0 = No time to waste...

Discovering large, blue jellyfish stranded on the beach
A wild adventure in the woods with favourite trees to climb...
Yellow flowers growing strong in the concrete jungle
Sitting with tickle toes in grass as green as limes...

Watching wild webcams from amazing places
Investigating wriggly worms squirming, jiggling free...
Locating in the Urban Jungle, a special tree to hug,
Dipping our feet in the wild North Sea

Written with my boys help!

Random Act of wildness 14: Dance in a downpour

30 Days Wild Dutch Style: Week 4
OK I must admit it had just stopped raining but we couldn't resist a little dance in the boys Uncles beautiful garden.

Random Act of wildness 15: Hunt some mini beasts

The boys got all excited when they discovered this wood louse in our garden. (Lucky I had my camera to hand!) In Holland they are called: pissebed. Which had hilarious consequences when Grandma once accused the boys of swearing.

Random Act of wildness 16: See life from another perspective

This gorgeous tree is in the middle of the playground at the boys school so we sat underneath and looked up. 

Random Act of Wildness 17:  Walk on the wild Side

I took the scooter to work and went via the scenic route. On the way I spotted two Herons.
Stock Photo

Random Act of Wildness 18: Take a walk on the Wildside
Random Act of Wildness 19: Dip your toes in wild water
Random Act of Wildness 20: Switch off to tune in

30 days wild week 4
An evening walk at the beach. What an amazing way to unwind. We ditched the mobiles and walked with our feet in the water. Afterwards we sat and watched the sunset. The perfect way to spend an evening.

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