Best of #ablogginggoodtime June

27 June 2016

Dear friend,

Welcome to the first, "best of...#ablogginggoodtime."  Katie and I have been overwhelmed by the number of fantastic posts linked up each week and in an effort to give something back I have decided to run a monthly feature to showcase some of the brilliant bloggers who make the effort to link with us.

The diversity of posts linked up this month has been amazing...everything from recipes to poems and lists, heartfelt and inspiring stories to hilarious tales and brilliant tips. Thank you so much! I know that we both struggle every week to pick out a featured post.

This months my featured posts include:


The other day I took my daughter to feed the ducks. I say ducks, but really they were swans, big, hungry, strong-looking swans. My daughter is tiny, the swans were bigger than her. But there she stood all 22 months of her, tossing bread off of this little platform toward the water, well it was a mouthful for her, mouthful for the swan. As I watched her you couldn’t help but notice her little arms didn’t have much range and getting the bread into the water required her to be very close to the edge of the platform and said group of swans.

As she took her time to toss the bread and eat pieces herself all I could picture was a hungry impatient swan propelling itself toward her to retrieve the bread for himself. I found myself in a Mexican stand-off with a swan. I wanted to pull her back and away from the swan, but I didn’t want her to be scared of the swan, which I clearly was. I didn’t want her to sense the fear I had and adopt it as her own...

What a brilliantly written post! As parents we are constantly faced with these struggles or dilemmas. I could really identify with this as I have struggled with my phobia of spiders and have tried not to pass this on to my boys. Big lad isn't frightened but little man is... Is it a question of nature or nurture? How do you put your feelings/fears to one side and learn to let go? I applaud you Sarah for giving it a go.

Blogging from my cave – and I like it!

I hope that you fab fellow bloggers,
Will excuse this attempt at a rant,
It’s just that I’m getting frustrated.
As I have the tech skills of a plant.

I started by clicking on WordPress,
And rattled out “Rhyming with Wine”.
Commenced on my blog expedition,
And I’m having a fabulous time!

The people I type to are awesome,
Just so many parents like me!
All sharing our Mum/Dad (mis)adventures,
With virtual cake, wine and tea...

I absolutely loved this post! Dawn amazes me with every poem she writes but this has to be my absolute favourite one yet. I am really getting sick of all this DA, Klout, daily views, links etc business and being bothered by scores or tables. I just want to enjoy writing, interact with lovely people and spread awareness of issues important to me like autism. But sometimes I must admit that I too get carried away in all the blogisms. TY for reminding me why I started blogging!

Do you have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Here’s why you should.

My lovely husband is very useful in all sorts of ways. He makes a mean fajita, he irons better than I do, and he brings me a cup of tea in bed every single morning. He also, every now and again, rocks back home from work with little snippets of information from his day that prove to be just a teeny tiny bit life changing. Now that IS useful.

It was on one of these days a few years ago that he was filling me in on what he’d been up to – on this occasion a leadership course with some pretty fancy high profile people. And quite casually, he dropped the term Big Hairy Audacious Goal into the conversation, like it wasn’t something that was going to change my life...

I think Michelle is spot on, we can make a dream become a reality with a bit of focus. I will definitely be giving this a try in an attempt to place more focus on my long term goals and focus less on the small failures along the way and make less comparisons with others. It made a refreshing change to the SMART targets that I have been used to. A truly inspirational post!


And most probably you do too.
As mothers we always put huge amounts of pressure on ourselves to be ‘the perfect mother’ – just like the ‘perfect mothers’ that show up daily on our Instagram feeds, Pinterest, TV and parenting books. Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram and Pinterest and I think they are the perfect platforms for sharing/collecting photos and great inspiration.
There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children… What matters is that a mother loves her children deeply. – Elder M. Russel Ballard
We seem to be surrounded by super women that seem to have it all and are able to do it all! Sometimes it is easy to forget what makes us great mothers and concentrate on where we fall short or would like to improve. So let’s focus on the positives for a moment and be proud for all the little things we do right day after day.
This post is a fabulous reminder to all us mums/dads/carers etc to be kind to ourselves and to celebrate that yes we are doing a good job. It doesn't feel very British to celebrate ourselves in this way but I think we need to. I particularly enjoyed her last point about unconditional love, I think this is massively important. No matter what our kids should always know that we love them. I am always careful when disciplining my kids to make it about the behaviour and not them and always say - I still love you... I always love you... 

Inner voice of a Sausage Dog: Post-Holiday Hound

Hang on a second here. What is with all the suitcases? Everyone looks quite excited. Are we going away for a few days? I don’t think Mum has packed my lead… Hang on a second what’s that you are saying Mum?

‘Come on Flick out the way…. No sweetheart you aren’t coming.’

What?! Not coming? Who will Protect you? Who will clear up the crumbs and weaning misadventures? I see well I know my place…

*Curl into bed looking reproachful*

Oh so you are coming to say goodbye are you? I will take that biscuit but only because it’s been 49 minutes since I had breakfast. Don’t tell me to be good, because I am already deciding on suitable punishments for this abandonment. When you shut that front door my brother and I are going HOWL…

*four days later, two thin and starving dogs are waiting (ok that’s an exaggeration 45 minutes later the dog sitter arrives)*

Oooh it’s you! How long are you staying? Did you bring those treats you know I love? Ah fab a walk! I could definitely stretch my legs…

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