Book Corner: Encyclopaedia Prehistorica DINOSAURS

20 June 2016

My Book Corner choice this month is: Encyclopaedia Prehistorica DINOSAURS by Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart

I first discovered this book in a classroom at school and I couldn't put it down! I absolutely loved it. This is a pop up book, but a pop up book like no other I have seen before - it is absolutely amazing! There are more than 35 pop ups in total to be found inside all made by pop-up masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. The book is not only stunning to look at it is crammed full with facts about dinosaurs so if you have a little dinosaur lover like me this book will be a massive hit!

Encyclopaedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs

Open any page in this book and a massive dinosaur will jump out at you! The tail unfurls the teeth appear and your child will gasp in delight.

There is a surprise on every page to keep your little ones happy and then turn your attention to the side panels full of information and with brilliant language too to stretch their vocabulary. 

There is a dinosaur for everyone in here including one of the most recent discoveries the archaeopteryx.

The gigantosaurus is a particular favourite in our house - check out those teeth!

There are smaller pop up sections on the side of each page. First read the information and then open and investigate further. I can not express how brilliantly this is done - you have to see it to believe it. There is a surprise on every page.

The first time I read this book I was blown away and my kids were too and that initial impression never leaves!

Although this book is pitched at age 5 upwards I really thing it is more suitable for aged 7 upwards as you do need to treat the book with care to keep it in good condition and enjoy for years to come. Having said that the paper is of very good quality and we have a well loved copy at school that has stood the test of time. But the text level and information are more suited to slightly older children.

The book is filled with interesting dinosaur definitions and facts; like stegosaurus having a walnut sized brain and did you know that there is a Mummysaurus? Maiasaura literally means good mother lizard. This will feed the imagination and knowledge of even a seasoned Dinosaur lover.

My kids and I return to this book again and again. I would love to keep this one for the grandkids. Did you know there are others in the series too? Sharks and Sea Monsters and Mega Beasts. I know what my big lad will be getting for his birthday!

RRP is 19.99 (BP) worth every penny in my opinion.

Our Rating: 10!

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