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13 June 2016

Dear friend,

Don't you just love Pinterest? I do? Everytime I have something to make/do at home I check out what the clever people on Pinterest have been up to. Garden design, picture walls, sofas, bedroom ideas, Father's Day cards... All can be found over on there. Yes I've heard people moan about the Pinterest perfect images and I've laughed at the fails posts but I love it!!!

With Father's Day just around the corner, I decided to check out some card ideas. You can find my board here. I thought I'd share my top 6 with you (believe me it was hard to narrow the choices down) and maybe inspire you to create your own masterpiece for daddy.

So here goes...

Monster’s Inc Inspired Footprint & Handprint Kids Art from i heart arts n crafts

I loved the simplicity of this card and the fact that it uses your child's foot and hand prints makes it extra special!

Image found on Pinterest

For anybody with young kids I just love this idea. What a brilliant way to record growth too. Perhaps you could make one each year? I just thought this was super cute.

Red balloon cards.

One for the cool daddy! I loved the fun design of this card. It also brings back happy memories of us messing around with moustaches we got in our Christmas Crackers.

This owl card is really on trend and the hearts design on the wings make it a perfect Father's day card. I also liked the idea of having a card with movement revealing a photo of your child/children too. This is a really simple yet effective idea!

Card from nwstamper
I loved this fun card and the teacher in me could see that this would be really easy to make with Young children, with all kinds of learning around the naming of shapes and developing of fine motor skills with cutting and sticking. But then I looked at the site by nwstamper and saw that this card very cleverly has a hidden feature! It is also a gift card holder. This would be my choice1 I love the colour and bumpy card paper too...

This card is from the brilliant mmmcrafts

As a dog lover I had to include this card in our choice! I also loved the moving function: letting us play peepo with the dog. You could change the message on the ears to suit your purpose. Then I looked at the mmmcrafts site and it was brilliant! The instructions are spot on and they even include a printable PDF to help you make the card so it is Super Easy! 

Which one did we make?

Little man with his choice of Father's Day Card. 

Shhhh don't tell papa!

Which one will you make? 

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