Father's day: Dads' days out ideas

4 June 2016

Dear friend,

It is almost time for Father's day and instead of leaving it to the last minute and dashing out for the usual gifts I thought I'd get my thinking cap on and try and think of a more original surprise. My Hysterectomy, extra responsibility at work and redecorating at home has meant hubby has had his hands extra full this year so I think that he really deserves a good break. I know that hubby loves spending time as a family so what better Father's day gift than a great family day out?

1. What better way for dad to let off a bit of steam than Paintball? Organise a special day out with the whole family, get uncles aunts and cousins involved or if your kids are younger organise a group of dad's friends.Why not arrange a special trophy for the winner too? 

2. Hubby loves riding a rollercoaster. Give him the chance to return to his wild days and join the thrill seekers at an amusement park. Everyone loves an amusement park, the atmosphere the fun and the escapism. Get away from it all for an extra special family day with something for everyone! Let's hope the sun will shine and we can buy dad a nice comfy pair of Brantano Men's sandals to wear on his day out too.

3. Help dad return to his childhood for the day. Book a special day at a water park. Totally undisturbed fun with the family. Sliding, splashing and soaking his way to an unforgettable day out. Treat dad to some Brantano flip-flops too.

4. Camping - well kind of. Hubby and I would love to hire a VW camper van and set off on an adventure round Scotland or the Islands of Holland. What better time to organise a surprise trip than father's day? A Dream come true. 

5. Hire a boat for the day in one of your favourite cities. Organise a special experience with dinner and cruise or hire your own boat and stop when and where you want. Places look really different from the water, it's an ideal way to view any city. Let Dad put up his tired feet and relax...

Whatever you decide to do we hope you have an extra special day!

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