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10 June 2016

Dear friend,

a while back my lovely bloggy buddy Katie told me about a launch team being put together for a new book. Immediately my ears pricked up as we are mad about books here (check out our book corner) and as a teacher I am always interested in great new books! When I looked into it a bit more I was sold!

So what is message in a bottle and why did I "Have to..." be involved?

Which books are your child's favourites? We have the classic tales like; The Tiger who came to tea, the favourite authors like Julia Donaldson and Claire Freedman and the fun tales like The dinosaur who pooped a planet. But one of the boys favourite books ever is one they received as a present from my brother and his family. It is personalised story with all of our names in... Little man returns to this again and again and now he can read delights in picking it up and tells me every single time that it has his name in it. The thing is the story in this book is a little contrived and flat. I'd really love to have a personalised tale wrapped up in a great story of adventure and friendship, something fun to engage my child and we love bright, entertaining, engaging illustrations too...

Well here we go... Welcome to Message in a bottle. It does all of this with bucket loads of fun!

I adore the main character Kiki - do you know which bird she is? (Find the answer at the end!)

The adventure begins in Hawaii but... it ends in your child's home country. As an EXPAT I love this twist...

The giver of the book gets to include a personal message at the end of the story too, What a brilliant idea! In most personalised books you just get a line saying this book was made by... By adding a truly personalised message you get to capture a special moment in time forever...

You can find out more information about the book here or watch this video...

Support the team; Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here.

Answer: Kiki is an: 


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