30 Days Wild Dutch Style

2 July 2016

Dear friend,

During the last month we have taken part in 30 days live. An initiative from the Wildlife Trusts to get families enjoying and connecting with nature but most of all spending time together. It sounded right up our street. We love getting out and about and exploring our local environment. 

I was worried that we may not be able to join in because we are based in Holland but never one to be deterred I investigated further. The challenge was all about making time for nature in your life and having fun and when I contacted the Wildlife Trust they were really happy to have us on board...

30 Days Wild Dutch Style: Week 4

I loved the idea of their random acts of wildness and immediately signed up and downloaded the app. There were over a hundred ideas for activities we could try.

Some of my favourite Random Acts of wildness

My Favourite Random Act of Wildness was...

30 days wild acrostic poem.

3-0 days to explore nature together,
0 = No time to waste...

Discovering large, blue jellyfish stranded on the beach
A wild adventure in the woods with favourite trees to climb...
Yellow flowers growing strong in the concrete jungle
Sitting with tickle toes in grass as green as limes...

Watching wild webcams from amazing places
Investigating wriggly worms squirming, jiggling free...
Locating in the Urban Jungle, a special tree to hug,
Dipping our feet in the wild North Sea

Written with my boys help!

Why we all should get outdoors more...

  • Beats stress: More sunlight means less depression and happier kids. 
  • Helps focus and concentration: studies have shown that outside play helps children focus better and improves memory 
  • Better sleep: do you hear people say, oh they'll sleep well after today... Well they are right, sunlight stimulates the pineal gland which produces melatonin which regulates sleep patterns 
  • Greater respect for nature: talking about nature and noticing more of the world around us has been very beneficial 
  • Healthy lifestyle: as well as the physical benefits of moving our bodies, sunshine on bare skin stimulates the body’s production of Vitamin D which helps the body fight off infection and helps prevent the development of autoimmune diseases. 
  • Better problem solving skills: Spontaneous, self-initiated play outdoors fosters independence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness in a way that structured and supervised play does not.
  • Benefits social skills: Free and unstructured play with peers outdoors helps children develop problem-solving and cooperation skills. 
  • Benefits learning: A recent study of school children showed that physical activity may improve school performance 

So what has taking part in this initiative done for us?

Firstly, It has been brilliant fun!

It has encouraged us to get out and spend quality time together.

It has lead to some very interesting conversations with my curious boys...

It has given me some 1 on 1 time with all my boys.

It has made me take time for myself.

It has encouraged me to look with new eyes at where I live and really appreciate what I have...

The challenge may be over but we are determined to keep walking on the wild-side!

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