Gamer Zone #4

4 July 2016

Dear friend,

Welcome back to the newest section on Diary of an Imperfect Mum; Gamer Zone. Each month I hand you over to my boys for them to tell us all about a game of their choice. (It is my idea to get them reading and writing in English.) For this months instalment of Gamer Zone the boys are going to introduce us to one of their favourite games...

Lego Dimensions

What is Lego Dimensions?

Lego Dimensions is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game. It has a portal and using this you can make the toys come to life in the game. The Starter Pack, contains the game, the portal, and three miniatures but you can buy extra level packs and characters. Watch this video to learn some more...

What type of Game is it?

It is an action/adventure game. You and a friend can choose a lego mini figure to control. Each figure has unique abilities that can be used to solve puzzles or reach hidden areas. One of our favourite parts is being able to build vehicles for the figures to drive e.g. the bat mobile, the mystery machine and the Tardis. The game features different characters and worlds from Back to the Future, DC Comics, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, Legends of Chima, The Lego Movie, The Lord of the Rings, Ninjago, Scooby-Doo etc

My favourite Character is Lloyd - Big Lad. 

My favourite character is Scooby Doo - Little Man.

What is the Game about?

The game is set in the Lego Multiverse where Lord Vortech and his minion X-PO are looking for the 12 foundation elements, the cornerstones of time and space itself, he wants to find them and merge all the universes into one under his control. When X-PO says he is worried about Vortech's evil plan, he sends him to another dimension. This damages the boundaries between worlds, making them merge and characters swap places.

The game begins with a starter pack but there are different packs to buy; story packs (add a new level to the game), fun packs (have a character and a vehicle), team packs (have 2 characters and vehicles) and level packs (have a character and 2 items).

Gamer Rating: 9/10

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All comments will be answered by the Big lad (age 9) with some help from mum. 

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