Hurray for the holidays! A post for teachers everywhere...

12 July 2016

Dear friends,

Hurray! Party time... The holidays have arrived. Oh yes people I am a teacher, I have 6 weeks free. Let the jealous comments begin. After over 20 years of teaching I think I have heard most of them and now when some aged uncle makes a remark like, uh, you're never there... I usually smile and say, I know lucky me! This is not a post to defend teachers and the teaching profession... It is a simply a collection of funny quotes and images as a celebration of the holidays for teachers everywhere.

Teacher shouting yes - text DOn't act happy that school's out you'll hurt our teacher's feelings

Teachers be like. !st day of school - smartly dressed minion October through April - purple crazy minion Last day of school - Minion in a hula skirt

Ask a teacher how many days until summer vacation. I bet they'll know the answer instantly! - teacher reading a story to her class

Just so you know teacher's don't have summer off. They just do a years worth of work in 10 months - picture of teacher

It's vacation for teacher's let the hating begin - teachers in party hats and drinks in hands

Oh summer... the time when teachers become human again - teacher holding a pretty dress

Summer the time of year when parents realise just how grossly underpaid teachers actually are

Have a great summer and please do not throw your books in the air or run through the halls - wait until the students have left the building

in travel agency - We're teachers and want to go somewhere where we can have fun and not learn anything

teacher celebrating - woo hoo, schools out! Teacher on laptop - where did half my summer go? Teacher crying - I don't want to go back to school

To all my teacher and non-teacher friends out there. Have a fabulous summer holiday!

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