Summer Bucket List

13 July 2016

Dear friend,

The summer has arrived and I can't wait. It is fantastic to be free to relax and enjoy our time together but although I want to be able to lie in bed until lazy o'clock and chill out in front of the television there are so many things I want to do with my boys. I don't want to wake up half way through the holiday and think, what have we done? So here it is our Summer Bucket list...

Go swimming in an outdoor pool

Go to the beach
Go to the park

Make homemade pizza
Build a den
Play at least 5 different board games
Go to the cinema

Watch the sunrise
Have a water balloon fight

Camp indoors
Run through a sprinkler
Roll down a hill
Have a treasure hunt
Climb a tree

Have a sleepover
Go for a walk in the evening

Go to the library
Have a family Movie night
Go Star Gazing
Play hide and seek

Picnic in the park or at the beach
Make some handprint art

What would you add?

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