Book Corner: The Night Pirates

15 August 2016

As a Primary School teacher I recognise the value and importance of reading with your children. We have a house full of children's books and each month we choose one of our favourites to review. This month I choose:

The Night Pirates by Peter Harris & Deborah Allwright

This months exciting adventure of a tale is a very special book from Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright called The Night Pirates. We have had this book in our library at home for a couple of years now but it remains one of our regular reads. It is the perfect bedtime story for any young pirates in the making...

Meet Tom, he is tucked up in bed one night when shadows begin to creep down the bedroom wall - his imagination races as to what they could be but oh no it isn't monsters or trolls... It's pirates!

These aren't just any pirates either they are rough tough little girl pirates...and they let Tom join the crew. 

What makes this book really special for me is the Layout and organisation and the Text features. The author uses not only different page layouts like in some other books but different text sizes and shapes and positions the text cleverly on the page so the words tell a visual story too. 

The story is beautifully illustrated with special details like maps used for the ships sails.
My favourite part of the story is when the really rough tough grown up Captain Patch shouts; "If you don't give me my treasure back I'll tell my mum!" That has my boys rolling with laughter every time!

The perfect book to capture your children's imaginations!

Our rating: 8!

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