Spectacle wearer of the year!

2 August 2016

Dear friends,

I have been wearing glasses daily for over 2 years. It started as an attempt to help lessen or stop my migraines. Although my prescription is not strong, I have got used to wearing them and can't go a day without my glasses now. So when Catherine from GlassesShop.com got in touch asking if I would like to work with them on a product review I jumped at the chance.

Now to me glasses frames are a bit like shoes or handbags are to some people, I love trying on new glasses. But I don't own loads of frames and tend to stick to the same pair. My imagination carried me away (picture the shopping scene in pretty woman but only with glasses). I'd love to have a different pair to go with each outfit but unfortunately I don't have a celebrity sized bank account. I often have celebrity glasses  envy. Now who should I look to for inspiration?

4 celebrities wearing glasses. Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale and Anne Hathaway
The incredibly beautiful, Jennifer Anniston, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale, and Anne Hathaway. Let's face it they would look amazing in even those really old National Health black plastic things (oh wait they are quite fashionable now!). 

The GlassesShop.Com website was really easy to navigate and I liked how you could see customer tryon pictures and also read reviews from customers.  And what a brilliant selection... I spent a happy evening browsing before I made my choice and you can even upload a picture to see how the frame would suit your face.

I must admit that I was worried about the quality of the glasses and I did ensure that I used a recent prescription to get the correct lenses. However, the company do state that their aim is to provide high quality prescription glasses with lenses of accurate prescription. It is really easy to enter your prescription details and you can also choose the type of lens you want; clear, tinted, polarised etc You can also customise your package with anti scratch and anti reflective coating .

The total cost for the frames and my prescription lenses was 35 pounds and 7 pence. A fraction of the price I paid for my last pair.

The glasses took 8 days to arrive. I was very excited to open the box. They were really well packaged.

tortoise shell glasses large round frames.

The frames are light and comfortable to wear and the lenses were perfect. I've been wearing them ever since they arrived.

The boys verdict: Mummy you look like a professor.
Hubby's verdict: They suit you well.
My Verdict: fabulous! I honestly did not expect them to be this good for that price. I am even thinking of picking up some prescription sunglasses.

Perhaps my pretty woman day dream can come true? A pair for every outfit?
Maybe I could sign myself up for spectacle wearer of the year? 😉

The glasses were gifted to me in exchange for writing this post. 

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