Book Corner: A quiet night in

17 October 2016

My Book Corner choice this month is: A Quiet Night In by Jill Murphy

This is one of my favourite books in the large family series. It is Mr Large's brithday and although Mrs Large has an extra special night planned, things don't quite go as she would like... I love how brilliantly Jill murphy has observed and reflected real family life using humour and affection. I am sure many parents can relate to this tale, come on who hasn't dozed off during the bedtime read? 

Book corner: A quiet night in

The children are not very happy when Mum says they have to go early to bed. It is dad's birthday and she has an extra special surprise meal planned and wants everything to be perfect. But they are bathed early and ready for bed. They help to prepare the dinner table but unfortunately when Mr Large returns home from an exhausting day he falls asleep reading the children a story.

Book corner: A quiet night in
There are plenty of opportunities to discuss feelings with your children.

Book corner: A quiet night in
The illustrations are beautifully detailed. 

In school children study stories with familiar settings and this book is perfect for that. The family in question may be a herd of elephants but their tales are certainly human. The themes in this book centre on love and respect for each other and have a large dose of humour thrown in too. This is a classic tale and the characters are very relatable as the chaos of family life is brought perfectly to life here. Jill Murphy dedicates this book to exhausted parents everywhere...

Familiar Settings Stories are set in everyday situations and discussing these stories and talking about children’s own experiences help them make sense of things in their lives and the way they feel about them.

Your children may enjoy others in the series: A Piece of Cake, All In One Piece, Mr Large In Charge, Five Minutes' Peace.

The series was shown on cbeebies too...

Our Rating: 8/10

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