How to support children writing at home

3 October 2016

Dear friend,

Want to help your child at home with their writing but not sure how.  A lot of parents want to help but are not quite sure what to do but there are many easy activities and things you can try to support your children without being too heavy going. The worse thing you can do is force your child to write if they really don't want to. It should be fun! Here are a few simple things you can do to promote a love of writing at home. My top tips to support writing at home...

Read together!

See my previous post supporting reading at home

The best activity to improve writing is reading. If your child reads good books, they will be a better writer. 

Talk about the drawings. This is the beginning of story telling.
Label the drawings as they tell you about them (check first as some children don't like you to do this!)

3. Use lots of different materials.
Foam, chalk, paintbrushes (various thicknesses), aquadoodles, a variety of pens, pencils and paper, draw on the shower door etc 

4. Make writing or mark making a game or use games
There are numerous games and puzzles that help children with spelling while increasing their vocabulary including crossword puzzles, hangman, word games and anagrams.

Turn your child's writing into books. Act as scribe for your child.

6. Be a good role model
Make sure your child sees you writing

7. Write for real purposes together
Shopping lists, letters, birthday cards, thank you notes, messages, have a chalk message board in your kitchen. Send e-mails to relatives or friends.

8. Encourage keeping a journal
Become a mini blogger or reporter write photo stories or recounts of days out.

9. Connect writing to your child's passion. 
Write a report about a favourite animal, game, character, Skylanders figures.

10. READ!!!

Supporting children's writing

  • Allow time
  • Make it fun!
  • Display your child's writing
  • Avoid writing for your child
  • Use ambitious vocabulary!
  • Provide your child with spelling help don't let them struggle.
  • Provide a comfortable place for your child to write.
  • Use technology there are some brilliant apps for book making and writing journals. 

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