Book Corner: Message in a bottle

21 November 2016

My book corner choice this month is: Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle is a really exciting and brand new book written by Tom Percival with the most beautiful illustrations by Tuire SSiiriainen. This is a book with a twist because you get to personalise the story. What I really loved about this personalised story was the ability to add a totally individual and unique message (including a photo) at the end. 

The story centres around a beautiful, kind bird called Kiki who finds a message in a bottle and sets off on an exciting adventure to try and deliver the message. Along the way she has lots of thrilling encounters, meets many interesting new characters and makes some firm friendships.

The story itself is beautifully written and fast paced to capture the interest of even the most wriggly of little ones. The story is also set out brilliantly, I love the different shaping and use of text on the pages. 

The really detailed, stunning illustrations are what brings this super story to life. This is one of my favourite parts of the story, it is so exquisitely drawn. 

As an EXPAT I love how this story takes you around the world. Starting in Hawaii and ending in your home country. I also love the idea that it can be sent from family anywhere in the world. The perfect gift for Christmas!? The map at the end of the story, showing Kiki's journey from start to end is a beautiful touch!

My son loved this story so much and was so impressed, proud and delighted that his name was inside that he had to take it to school to share with his friends.

Our Rating 9/10!

You may also like to check out Kiki's kids Club online. Here you can discover more about the animals and their stories, print out some colouring pages or take part in a quiz. We really enjoyed finding out about the animals. The animals included in the story include old favourites and more unusual species like an Iiwi, Plover and Sailfish so your child/children can learn about new animals.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also buy a cuddly toy version of Kiki and she is absolutely gorgeous. She is a really good size and so soft and cuddly no-one can resist her. I love her long legs! You can also order a Message in a bottle memory game or activity book to keep your little ones busy. The game pieces and book are really good quality! We had great fun on a rainy afternoon playing with these!

Here is a video of little man receiving Kiki etc

Add this to your Christmas List and you won't be disappointed!

I had the pleasure to be on the launch team for this book. I received the book, toy etc but this review is my own honest opinion!

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