I am a 'Super' parent

1 November 2016

Dear friend,

How can it be that some days you are flying high, going about your day with air cushioned soles in your shoes and laughing at the small mishaps? Other days everything seems to weigh you down, get in your way and make those tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Lately I've been having more and more of those hair raising days. I think it's being ill, feeling pain can do that, it lowers my patience threshold so that all my energy goes into maintaining my professional persona at work and managing (badly) my home.

It's these days when I can't see the wood for the trees, when I don't even notice those beautiful trees that upset me the most. 

I lose sight of my son and can only see the diagnosis. The autism hits me right between the eyes, almost laughing in my face. 

Come on, take me on... I dare you!

When I read a headline that tells me, I need to be a super parent in order to help my son it annoys me really pisses me off! 

At first, I didn't read the offending article, I dismissed it as more pity or fear journalism but when a blogger I respect, suggested I did, I was surprised. Actually, she was right, it wasn't quite what the headline suggested,  it was interesting and gave hope to some parents of children with severe autism. 

But why the sensationalist headline? Why do we have to be beaten with a stick to listen? 

What made me feel uncomfortable was a statement from Dr Catherine Aldred, a consultant speech and language therapist with Stockport NHS Trust, who after stressing it was not about blaming the parents said; 
We're taking the parent's interaction with the child and taking it to a 'super' level, these children need more than 'good enough', they need something exceptional.
This is an awful lot of pressure to be placing already stressed parents under! We now have to have super communication?!

I like to think I am a good mum. I have said before that special needs parents are not saints. All parents make mistakes, lose patience and get tired. I love my kids unconditionally. I give them my all even especially on those dark days. Despite my energy being null, I still carry on and give everything I have to them; I take them to football, make the dinner and help with homework, I try to work out the cause of the anxiety, I listen, I soothe, I interact, I do my best... If that isn't super then I don't know what is? 

We are all super parents! 
We show super strength, determination and fight every day when we go that extra mile for our kids. 

What is my super power? 

My super power is hope...

What is yours? 

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