A Glimpse into our Autism: Jokes

19 December 2016

Dear friend,

Yesterday he told a joke then he explained it to us in pain staking detail...

We were sitting at the dinner table and he said mum I've got something to tell you. He proceeded to tell us a joke and we all laughed. It was very funny until...

he explained the joke in perfect, pain staking detail.

Do you get it, mum?

It was then I twigged. He had been learning about jokes at school. He had memorised this joke like the simple knock knock jokes he loved when he was younger.

Humour and jokes are so important to children. They help them interact with others and make friends. He has always tried to use humour. He has always wanted to be the funny one. That is fine as long as your friends are laughing with and not at you. Sometimes that line is hard to find...

What if Jokes and idioms are part of a foreign language to you? The abstract language too difficult to decipher. I'll never forget the day I was cross with him and told him to give himself a shake and he did, he shook his body all over.

There are so many unwritten social rules and niceties that we just take for granted but that he must learn.

We must teach him how to tell and understand jokes to help him improve his social skills. We must also remember to tell him that he doesn't need to explain the joke to others because they get it.

Yesterday he told a joke then he explained it to us in pain staking detail...

Spare a thought for autistic families when you are pulling those Christmas crackers...

A glimpse into autism is a series of short letters that explore how autism effects us on a day to day basis. Disclaimer:  this is our experience not all autistic people are the same.

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