Transforming a dull wall...

6 December 2016

Dear friend,

Our boys are really lucky to have a games room! We sacrificed our small back bedroom for their games room last year. A quick lick of paint, a sofa bed and a television and they were happy! We also used picture shelves for storing their huge collection of computer game figures. We were all happy with the result and it was super for the boys to have somewhere to take their friends when they came to play.

Hubby's lovely colleague gave the boys his old widescreen Television which meant a quick room change as I didn't want them sitting too close to the screen and we were left with ugly holes in the wall. For a while I hung a big picture over it but then one of the boys friends knocked two of the shelves off the wall, leaving more holes. Hubby tried to fix them (but DIY isn't his strong point, sorry hubby) and we were left with a very ugly, messy old wall.

My first idea was to wallpaper but with what? Then I came across a brilliant solution on-line. I discovered a fabulous Mario brothers wall mural.  I wasn't sure if the company would deliver to Holland or what size we would need but I contacted 'Ink your wall' and the owner Darren replied really quickly and was very helpful in answering my many questions.

There were several brilliant designs to chose from on the easy to navigate site ranging from Super Heros to Lego and Minecraft but the boys love Super Mario Bros. They chose a really cool design from their favourite game Mario Kart with an upside down Mario. We were happy to go for this one so placed our order and the boys couldn't wait for it to arrive.

Ink your wall provides instructions with your paper and there are some instructions on-line for preparation and installation. Make sure you measure your wall accurately, I would recommend giving yourself extra room as the pieces need to be overlapped a couple of centimetres each time. We paid a professional wall paperer to place the Mural for us.  The quality of the paper is very good and can cover small cracks in walls. It certainly did the trick on our ugly wall!

The boys have been proudly bringing their friends home to play and no wonder... How cool is this???

Do you have a dull wall that needs transforming? 

I received a discount for the purposes of this review but all thoughts and feelings are my own.

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