Mummy Shot Roundup: Week 2

21 January 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to #MummyShot Week 2 Roundup. First of all what is the #MummyShot? Well let me explain...

#MummyShot is a brand new community on IG that is hosted by myself and the amazing MacKenzie Granville:

What an amazing week! I can't believe that we have hit over 600 photos already. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is fantastic how one small idea can capture the imagination. Please head over to IG and take a look at the brilliant shots using the #MummyShot I found it particularly difficult to pick out only 4 shots and spent absolutely ages debating but I did eventually narrow it down to these fabulous  photos...

Featured posts:

You can catch MacKenzie's favourites here...

I love this shot from @littlepaperswan I could see this in a glossy bathroom magazine.

A photo posted by Laura Wolf (@laurajwolf71) on

I hope that the jet lag is over in the wolf house now. I loved this brilliant capture that fit Laura's post perfectly! (@laurawolf71) I'd love to know why he was covering his face, was it the jet lag?

A photo posted by Hannah (@betty_and_barnaby) on

You know I love a beach shot and this one is simply adorable and that sky! A perfect composition from @betty_and_barnaby. You must check out this superb Instafeed!

I could easily have featured a few of Jenna from @earthslittletreasures shots they are so beautiful. I love the sense of space and the amazing place got me dreaming of summer and hills...

My favourite post from the lovely Mackenzie this week is:

Beautiful! A perfect beach day and I couldn't agree more - Oh to be a child again!

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We'd love you to come and join us at #MummyShot too!

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