#MummyShot Week 1 Roundup

14 January 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to the very first #MummyShot Roundup. First of all what is the #MummyShot? Well let me explain...

#MummyShot is a brand new community on IG:

This community is for any image that tells a story or captures an emotion without showing the face.
Do you have a phone full of back of the head shots too? Come and share them with us on IG using #MummyShot
You can read more here...

I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from this amazing blogging community of ours. We have had a brilliant first week with over 300 posts. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has taken part. Please head over to IG and take a look at the amazing shots. It was incredibly hard to pick out some favourites this week but here goes...

Featured posts:

A photo posted by Fiona (@fiandtylerlee) on

I loved this photo by Fiona from @fiandtylerlee , it is simply stunning and so rich in colour! The shot of red really brings something to the picture.

For me this shot from Ali @mum_in_a_nutshell captures childhood and the simple joys like looking out of a window.

I wonder what she is thinking in this shot. I love the beach and I really liked the clarity and colour in this shot from @familyof5ive_

Mama Cat @mamacatandbabybee was my inspiration for this new community but I choose this shot on it's merit. I loved this because it reminded me so much of the wide open skies on the North Yorkshire Moors and I just loved the perspective.

Thank you to everyone who joined our little community this week!
My favourite post this week:

The boys were actually running away from me in this shot. I always want to take photos of them when we are in this street in Leiden I think it is so beautiful. When we turned the corner big lad said, Oh no photos and ran away. The perils of being a bloggers child.

I am thrilled to announce that from next week I will have a cohost for #MummyShot The totally amazing  Mackenzie Glanville will be joining me! This lady takes the most beautiful photos which reflect emotion and totally inspire me too. She has long been one of my favourite bloggers and I am honoured that she will be sharing my role as host. Thank you lovely lady 🌸 Here is MacKenzie's #MummyShot post pop over and have a read.

My favourite post from Mackenzie @macglanville this week was...

If you aren't following these brilliant Instagramers then pop over and show them some love.
We'd love you to come and join us at #MummyShot too!

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