20 things to do now you are 8

27 February 2017

Dear son,

Here we are again, another birthday. It must be me but they seem to be coming around faster each year. I wish I could capture this magical time and hold it perfectly in my mind to take out and look back on but memory has a habit of fading like those old Polaroid photos in the box in the attic.

This has been a year filled with wonder and growth. You have learned so much and you seem so much more comfortable in your own skin. You have this amazing gift of making people laugh and that out of control giggle is totally infectious. It is your caring nature and kindness towards others that has really hit me this year, you are the first one there when one of your team mates falls, the one to pass the tissue for someone's tears and the first to say sorry.

Birthdays always make me slightly melancholy; you're too big for Papa's shoulders and don't do kisses in public anymore but this year I want to look ahead and think about the fun we are still to have together.

 20 things to do now you are 8...

  1. Dance in the sea
  2. Ride a roller coaster
  3. Play tag in the rain
  4. Watch tadpoles hatch into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies
  5. Spend an evening stargazing 
  6. Learn to cook something
  7. Be kind to an unpopular child
  8. Realize your parents are just big kids acting grown up
  9. Learn a joke that doesn't involve poo, pee, or willies
  10. Give a good handshake
  11. Hide a secret object
  12. Sing made up songs
  13. Try at least five different types of food 
  14. Never outgrow hugging your parents
  15. Make a good paper airplane and fly it from somewhere high
  16. Look through a microscope
  17. Take piggy-back rides
  18. Laugh until your sides hurt or you hiccup
  19. Climb an old tree
  20. Start a journal

We have so much to still look forward to! 
Happy Birthday Little Man I love you with all my heart!

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