Mummy shot Roundup: Week 4

4 February 2017

Dear friends,

Welcome to #MummyShot Week 4 Roundup. First of all what is the #MummyShot? Well let me explain...

#MummyShot is a brand new community on IG that is hosted by myself and the amazing MacKenzie Granville:

This community is for any image that tells a story or captures an emotion without showing the face Do you have a phone full of back of the head shots too? Come and share them with us on IG using #MummyShot
You can read more here...

I can't quite believe that it is week number four already. WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was scared to start this little venture incase no-one took part and look at us now! We have over 1000 posts in our little community, that is amazing.  Please head over to IG and take a look at the fabulous shots. I love the diversity too. As always it was incredibly hard to pick out some favourites this week but here goes...

Featured posts:

A photo posted by Hannah (@betty_and_barnaby) on

I love all the photos from @betty_and_barnaby they are so adorable and beautifully shot, you must follow this feed!

A photo posted by Michelle (@familyof5ive_) on

I have tremendous hair envy, what a beautiful girl and such an amazing shot! I love the perspective in this!

I kept returning to this shot from @dublintosurrey there is something magical about it!

My final shot from @6littlefeetand8paws is an absolute stunner and I love that it is b&w too, it adds even more depth!

My favourite post from Mackenzie this week:

Cuteness overload, I want one too. Love this shot 💙

You can catch MacKenzie's favourites here...

If you aren't following these brilliant Instagramers then pop over and show them some love. We'd love you to come and join us at #MummyShot too!

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